Overseas Partners


Matt and Kiri Vander Heiden

Matt and Kiri were members of our congregation before they moved to Lisbon, Portugal in 2005 with Pioneers Australia. After spending time in concentrated language study, they began work at the Portuguese Bible Institute which aims to equip and train Portuguese evangelical Christians for ministry. Matt is now a lecturer of various subjects and is also the Academic Dean. Matt and Kiri and their three children (Mieka, Sofia and Josh) are also actively involved in their small, local church.

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Facebook: Kiri Vander Heiden   (www.facebook.com/mkvanders)

Robyn Davies


Robyn serves with the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) in Papua New Guinea (PNG). She and her Swedish co-worker, Lisbeth Fritzell lived in the Duke of York Islands (PNG) for over 20 years, working together with the mother-tongue translation team there to translate the New Testament into the local language, Ramoaaina. The New Testament was completed and dedicated in 2007. Since then, Robyn’s primary role has been as advisor to the translation teams from the Kandas and Label languages of Southern New Ireland (PNG), as part of the New Ireland Translation Institute (NITI). NITI is a multi-language project where mother-tongue translators and SIL translators work together to translate the New Testament into a total of 11 languages.

 To date 75% of the Kandas New Testament has been completed with the remaining books needing a final check from a translation consultant. 70% of the Label New Testament has been consultant-checked and work is continuing on the rest. Robyn also helps produce materials to encourage scripture use in the Kandas and Label languages.

Although they give most of their time to the NITI work, Robyn and Lisbeth continue to work with the Ramoaaina team on Old Testament translation, scripture use activities and materials production as time permits. Current projects in progress include a hymn book and an audio recording of the New Testament. To effectively serve these various language groups, Robyn and Lisbeth now spend much of their time in Kokopo, the main town in the New Guinea Islands area.

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Postal Address: Robyn Davies, SIL, PO Box 1995, Kokopo, ENBP 613, Papua New Guinea
Australian Office: Wycliffe Bible Translators, 70 Graham Rd, Kangaroo Ground, Vic 3097, Australia



Steve and Naomi

For more details please contact our minister, Keith.